Our Story

Behind the Scenes

The very first time Pastor Mark preached the gospel was in January 2016 to 4 people in the plains of Karamoja in a village called Kautakou overlooking Mt Moroto. What started as a simple call of obedience from the Holy Spirit turned his entire life around. The next meeting he held was in the same village two month later in which he personally witnessed Gods healing power. Raised as anglican he didn't think a day would come when the LORD Jesus would reveal His power to him In such a humbling way. in his own words regarding experiencing miracles, 'When you see the LORD Jesus heal, deliver, set free and perform miracles it is such a life changing moment, its then that I ask myself, who am I that God is using to touch peoples lives" 

Over the years, Pastor Mark has personally prayed for countless people who came in need of healing and the LORD Jesus touched them. He has witnessed the blind receding their sight back, the lame walking, the mad restored back to normal health. The miracles that he has witnessed have happened in ordinary peoples lives, those that God touched simply lifted their eyes unto Jesus and He reached His hand and touched them. Miracles have happened in peoples living rooms, Marists, town halls, conferences, village playgrounds, sports fields and churches where the Spirit of God has led Pastor Mark. 

We are on a mission to rival Jesus Christ and share Gods unconditional love to His children spreading all over the world. we look forward to seeing you at one of our meetings.