Mark Odeke Ministries at a Glance

Revealing Jesus

Mark Odeke had an encounter with God in a powerful vision in which he saw himself standing on a crusade ground preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and telling the believers that Jesus Christ heals. In that vision, he demonstrated the power of the Holy Spirit to heal when he prayed for a crippled man who received healing instantly. After that powerful encounter, Mark knew he was called to preach and take Gods healing power to those who desperately needed it. 

On the 8th November 2014, He had a visitation from the LORD Jesus. In His own words, "I saw the LORD Jesus in a vision, I didn't see His face but I did see His feet, they were like polished bronze and they went all the way into the sky. I had never seen anything that beautiful, I knelt before the LORD and washed His feet with water and dried them with a white towel. That encounter drew me close to the LORD.

On the 14th November 2015, I saw the LORD, this time I was going through such a storm in my life and I felt so lost, then the LORD visited me and said, "I AM the LORD, is anything too hard for me" after that encounter, I was drawn to God in a more intimate way than I had already known, I longed for Him and I wanted to be with Him. 

When he started out in ministry in 2016, he didn't know how to preach except tell the people that Jesus saves, heals and delivers. He has witnessed thousands of miracles in his meetings held in villages, town halls, football fields, conferences, churches. 

He has distinct understanding of the Person of God and he teaches an uncompromising  gospel leading believers into an intimate relationship with God though Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit.